Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some of my favorite cards

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What’s in a Name? I have been affectionately called many names over the years, from MAC, MacGyver and Mama Long Legs to Ria, Ri Ri, Sis and even Craft-o-matic! My favorite names to be called, however, are Honey by my wonderful and creative husband of nearly 16 years, and Mommy by my intelligent, funny and also creative 8 1/2 year old fraternal twin sons. Outside of the home I have been called Attorney and PR Specialist, but I most enjoy being called Craft Teacher and Friend. It is my goal in life to eventually call everyone I meet Crafter, because I believe anyone can be creative, and every little act of creativity enriches your soul. Peace and Blessings, Maria Carey Jackson, A proud Craft Junkie!